Suburban Memories

In the series Suburban Memories, I entered the homes of family and strangers, photographing them and their possessions. Many of these suburbs are on the fringes of rural areas, creating odd juxtaposition of vast undeveloped areas against endless suburban streets. These photos attempt to define the everyday, banal, American suburban aesthetic and show its evolution over time. Despite vivid memories of my past, I desire photographs to validate those memories of even the most insignificant things. The series is composed of over 100 images, all showing homes on the outskirts of St. Louis Missouri. By making this work, I am attempting to discuss fetish as a function of nostalgia in the family home, and how that affects the American mindset. Currently the series exists as a large beige photo album with gold inlay, turning the work into an object that would commonly be found in any suburban home. I am still in the process of photographing homes, to add more images to this prolific collection.