Webster University Provost's Grant

Sold Out

In May of 2015 I received the Webster University Provost's Research Grant. I used the funds to create a zine printed on a Risograph printer. 
Artist's Statement:
For the past year I have been pondering the place where I’ve grown up, the American Midwest. Here time moves unbearably slow, life’s events seem dull at best, and the suburbs sprawl on like the corn fields that surround them. Usually the first piece of advice given to artists is “Make work about what you know” but advice like this is hardly inspiring in a region of the country that can only be described as thoroughly banal. Why would someone be captivated by photographs of dust covered ceramic angels, or an assortment of pill bottles scattered on a table? In reality life is composed mostly of banal moments and insignificant events. Photographing the dull reality of everyday life has become an obsession, a way to remember things that don’t matter, and cope with the life that I’m living. More than anything this zine is an experiment, it blends the Americana and archaic midwestern aesthetic and lifestyle with the process of Riso printing. What better tools to use to represent strange moments, quaint places, and a dying culture than tools that are anything but perfect.