Nail Salon was curated and organized by Brandon Bandy and Bridget Carey in an effort to bring together artists who's work has not been shown together, making unexpected connections between local artists, many of which have not shown with one another, but who's work deals with similar themes and/or aesthetic sensibilities. Bypassing St. Louis venues and curatorial norms the show was presented in Bandy/Carey's former apartment.
Featuring works by: Brandon Bandy, Shawn Burkard, Bridget Carey, Marisa Drewes, Wil Driscoll, Harley Lafarrah Eaves, Kyle Florez, Jackie Grucela, Andrew Gurney, Jake Hunn, Albert Yowshein Kuo, Martin Lang, Taylor Leighton, Conor Murphy, Hayden Molinarolo, Ingrid Olson, Ellen O’Shea, Marina Peng, Nick Schleicher, Chloe Simmons, Moira Smith, Margaret Stage, Michael Worful, Rachel Youn