Higher Source, 2020 - 2021
Artist's book made in collaboration with Rachel Jackson
Higher Source by Brandon Bandy and Rachel Jackson catalogs sites which are the subject of crime scene, paparazzi, conspiratorial, and generally notable photographs. Using these historic images as a guide, this book archives what remains. Due to cover-ups or privacy concerns, these locations are often obfuscated. As structures are demolished, addresses are changed, land is cleared, and fences are erected, sites of tragedy and infamy disappear. Further complicating the process, sifting through information online becomes increasingly difficult, everything is ambiguous. Does the specificity of these images even matter, or is it about a photographic aura, constructing a specter of some real or fictional event?
43 pages 
Edition of 100 
Interior: Risograph printed in black and light gray duotone on Cougar Natural 80t 
Exterior: Risograph printed in white and light gray duotone on French Paper Construction Blacktop 80c
Available for purchase at SpecialEffects.zone